Publications and Awards


  • A Hug for the World Anthology, various authors, Clear Fork Publishing Spring 2018–all proceeds benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey
  • Noah Green, Junior Zoo Keeper and The Garage Sale Pet, Clear Fork Publishing, Spring 2018


  • First place in the KidLit College 2017 writing contest–chapter book category for Red and Friends: A Cape, A Troll, and Some Really Bad Soup
  • Honorable Mention in Suzannah Leonard Hill’s 7th annual Holiday Story Contest (read my entry here)
  • Finalist in the 2018 Katherine Patterson Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing for Ruler of the Craft Table, picture book
  • Second place in the KidLit College 2017 writing contest–non-fiction picture book category for Gordon’s Wonderland

Magazine Poems & Stories

  • “Snail Trail” The Caterpillar, Ireland, Winter 2016
  • “Brave Dandelion” The Caterpillar, Ireland, Winter 2016
  • “Two Hands” Clubhouse Jr., April 2017
  • “Buzzing Bird” Bumples, Winter 2018
  • “Toes in the Sky” Wildflowers, Spring 2018
  • “Ninja Cat” Countdown, The School Magazine, Australia, June 2018
  • “Jittery Fingers” Blast Off, The School Magazine, Australia, June 2018
  • “Search for a Rainbow” Clubhouse Jr., June 2018
  • “No Time for Shoes” Wildflowers, Summer 2018
  • “Solar Powered” Countdown, The School Magazine, Australia
  • “Raindrops, Raindrops” Ladybug, September 2018