While my publisher rushes copies of Library’s Most Wanted to the major retailers, you have a chance to win a copy below!


“Library’s Most Wanted will have you talking like a Texan as you read-aloud this fun story about a cowgirl who loves books and would do anything to keep them safe.” Bonnie Clark author of Taste Your Words

‘Filled with cowboy-slang, this story will appeal to cowgirls and boys and book-lovers alike.” Kirsten Lawson author of Wood, Wire, Wings.

“Library’s Most Wanted is a fun story about a young girl who takes her role as deputy librarian very seriously. Too seriously in fact, because she ends up driving all the children out of the library. But thanks to the help of one tiny patron, she realizes her true role and contrives a plan to win everyone back. Told in a hilarious Texan voice, this is a wonderful read for any age!” Nanette Heffernan author of Earth Hour