This post is an entry for Susannah Leonard Hill’s 7th Annual Holiday Contest

This entry is 239 words (the limit was 250).


Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho!

Old MacDonald had a hankering to catch Santa this year. He strung lights across the roof, cleaned the chimney, set out his prize-winning oatmeal cookies, and waited.

Soon he heard a jingling and a jangling.

“Santa’s sleigh bells!” He rushed outside.

It was only the cows coming in from the field, bells clanking.

He sat down to wait.

Soon he heard a stomping and a prancing on the roof.

“Santa’s reindeer!” He scurried up the ladder.

It was only the ridiculous goats trying to eat the thatching.

He sat back down to wait one last time.

Soon he heard a crunching and a munching.

“Santa’s eating my cookies!” He hi-tailed it to the kitchen.

It was only the hungry horse with its head through the window munching cookies.

Old MacDonald put his head in his hands. “Santa brings me such nice presents every year. All I wanted to was give him one in return.”

He heard a jingling and a jangling.

“Noisy cows.”

He heard a stomping and a prancing.

“Ridiculous goats.”

He heard a crunching and a munching.

“Greedy horse.”

He heard a “Ho, ho, ho!”

He looked up.

There was Santa.

“I heard you have a very unusual Christmas wish.” Santa winked.

Old MacDonald smiled. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope.

“Merry Christmas.”

Santa’s eyes sparkled as he took the gift.

“What is it?”

“I’m regifting you all those ridiculous goats.”